Jewish ethics. Heavenly ideals.
Earthly compassion.

The Shamayim V'Aretz Institute is a spiritual center intertwining learning and leadership around the intersecting issues of preventive health, kosher veganism, animal welfare, activism, preservation of the environment, and Jewish spirituality for those anywhere on their journey towards compassionate eating and living within Judaism.

The Institute serves as an educational resource by providing information and classes to help people embrace Jewish veganism and make informed food choices for disease prevention and compassionate Jewish moral choices about our ethical consumption and impact on the Earth. In addition, Shamayim V'Aretz trains leaders to address animal abuse and injustices in kosher slaughterhouses and other animal welfare issues.

News Update

The Shamayim V'Aretz Institute, a community of Jewish vegans, is working to create a paradigm shift in how the Jewish community views veganism.
Shamayim V'Aretz programing includes animal welfare, environmental, and health veganism.
The Institute works specifically to promote veganism within the Jewish community.

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